A downloadable game for Windows

There is only one move.
This is a platformer with infinity jump and a circular jump arc. 5 levels. Red boxes kill, white ones prevent jumping.


Spin: [space] on keyboard, [A] on controller

Restart level: [R] on keyboard, [back] on controller

Instantly quit game: [escape] on keyboard


The mouse does level editor cheaty things.

If you download the source version you can edit the main loop while it is running.


Player avatar has glitchy art because I scaled an atlas texture when making it fit all screens. I will fix it but the jam is over.

Install instructions

Extract the zip and run "main.exe" contained in the resulting folder.


unit-disk-traversal-v0.3-source.zip 28 kB
unit-disk-traversal-v0.4-bustedgraphics-win-amd64-3.5.zip 10 MB

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